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Ready-mixed concrete Mattheos Ioannou Etimo Beton LTD is one of the largest standard ready-mixed concrete production units in Limassol.With 3 ready-mixed concrete production lines (3 batching machines), more than 15 concrete mixers and 5 concrete pumps, this factory has always taken steps to upgrade its facilities and infrastructure to improve the quality of its standard ready-mixed concrete. And to satisfy its customers as much as possible.

What is a Ready-Mixed Concrete Plant?

Ready-mixed concrete plant is a workshop space where the equipment needed to produce ready-mixed concrete is located. A ready-mixed concrete plant is a space where ready-mixed concrete is produced from its constituents such as sand, gravel, cement, water and other chemical additives. The combination of these equipment’s with various quality control tests in the ready-mixed concrete factory has made this place very sensitive and the concrete produced by them is of very good quality.

Work Guarantee
By producing quality concrete in accordance with domestic and international standards, it can be one of the top producers of ready-mixed concrete in Limassol.
Concrete Laboratory
Provide all destructive and non-destructive tests related to concrete, ultrasonic testing, steel grid scanning, chlorine ion penetration, concrete strength testing, etc.

The Most Advanced Equipment

Mattheos Ioannou Etimo Beton Ltd, as one of the oldest and one of the first concrete industry in the country, has the most advanced and up-to-date concrete equipment in the country.

How to build and concreting steps

Today, many of the buildings we see around us do not have metal structures, but are made of concrete and concreted. So it can be said that concrete is one of the most common building materials. Concrete is actually a viscous material that has the property of being cemented.

Lean Concrete Activities

Production and use of concrete additives is an important part of concrete technology and concrete mixtures, innovation and technology in the field of concrete, concrete additives, concrete chemistry, concrete chemical products, concrete construction products and finally building chemistry and products Building chemicals and building engineering materials are part of pure concrete research infrastructure policies.

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